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I have spent years learning and perfecting how to achieve the best sound quality in a car environment. More and more cars need to retain the factory head unit and this is no problem. The signal from the factory head unit can be processed to massively improve the audio with very few visible differences to the car’s original interior.

Installing sound deadening and insulation, reviewing speaker positioning, decoupling and sealing surfaces, and correct wiring to name just a few, are techniques which are of paramount importance.

System tuning and understanding crossovers and other filters, EQ, time alignment, phasing and much more is also a must and takes years of practice to perfect.

Equipment will only come alive when these factors are mastered. This is when the true "live experience" is achieved, which many people do not even realise is possible.

This is what I love about car audio and strive to achieve in any car. I can design whole systems to suit various budgets to be as subtle or slick as requested. Tuned properly it can make your drive the best part of the day - everyday!

Sometimes factory speaker locations are an issue. In this case during initial consultation I will explain this, and what I can fabricate in order to get the most from the install. From this point I can design the installation to look as if it was always there, rather as if it were simply created by the car manufacturer.

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